Foaling News 2012
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We expected just seven foals this year. The first was born on the 5th May on our Wedding Anniversary so we have called that filly Fairytail Annie May. The second was born at exactly midnight on the start of the 7th May when we had a so called super moon that night. Janette chose this colts name as that “Super Moon” It was a spooky night.
First foal born 5th May. Fairytail Annie May, by Fairytail Midas Touch out of Dilston Fuchia Just after birth
 < Video of Fairytail Annie May at a day old
The Second Foal born on the 7th May, Fairytail Super Moon, a pretty Skewbald HT colt by Fairytail Midas Touch out of Redburn Pretty Poppet Fairytail Super Moon at just 12 hours old
Fairytail Super Moon Video
The Third foal was by Misthaven Northern Light (We call her Flea) she is an American Miniature and not a Shetland. This foal was again born at exactly midnight between the 10th/11th May, I have called this filly Tineke, she is a very striking coloured bay with flashes of white. Again she is by Fairytail Midas Touch. He is proving to be our best HT stallion consistently which is why we had many of our other HT stallions Gelded last year, to protect the very best of breed.
Fairytail Annie May A very hairy foal, just a few hours old Tineke at just 12 hours old Tineke at just 12 hours old
4. Fairytail Loreen, Pi. The fourth foal to come was on the 20th May at 4am, we were well tired by then watching 24/7 for what was supposed to be a short time but had now turned into a long time. We had only ran one stallion last year for just seven days and our first one was born on the 5th May, so we thought that we would be done foaling by the 15th May at the latest. How wrong we were. This next one to foal was Fairytail Lizzette, all went well again at that moment in time when I had just gone to sleep about 1 hour before and after a long day into the night, I had gone to sleep at 3am that night to help Janette, she wakes up then, I had done that because the mare was restless, it is a very interesting time to be married in these difficult times. If I fail to keep a foal or mare alive when Janette is asleep, I would probably be murdered by her at this time so I do all I can and hope that I am still alive in the morning.
Seventh and last foal Fairytail Mika Sk out of Morjoy Nuisette Pi, 28th May 9am. all born alive after a very long month of watching 24/7, on video cameras from the stables, it is the only way to ensure no problems with these tiny ponies.
Fifth Foal Fairytail Zeke, BW out of Fairytail Enchantress Pi 24th May 5.15am.
Sixth foal Fairytail Bon Jovi, Sk out of Redburn Inga’s Angel Sk 27th may 5pm.